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Damascus Student Raises Homelessness Awareness Through Social Enterprise


Year 10 Damascus College student Hannah Farhall participated in the Western Bulldogs Leadership Project last year and has, this year, taken the next step to be involved in the Western Bulldogs Social Enterprise Project.


As part of the Leadership Project, Hannah was one of 150 students who took part in the six month project where they participated in a range of interactive activities and camps, and developed a social justice project that raised awareness of homelessness in the local community.


2018 is the first year of this innovative new online social enterprise project, that sees a group of 15 students participate in projects that make money in a socially responsible way.


Hannah said that she really enjoyed the Leadership Program last year, which has now led to her volunteering to participate in this new project to help make a difference in the community.


“I really enjoy being a part of this new project, as I get to make a real impact, raise awareness of homelessness and learn skills in how to be a leader.  I also get to meet and interact with a wide range of people from around Western Victoria, where I learn about them and the impact they are making in their communities,” she said.


Hannah’s Social Enterprise Project is ‘Socks of the West,’ where she works closely with two other students. Part of the project led them to making a successful pitch to the Western Bulldogs Administrative Board for approval to move forward with the project, and for financial sponsorship.


This sponsorship has allowed the group to manufacture and design their own socks, and for every pair sold they donate a pair to the homeless in the community.


“We will soon be launching a website to promote ‘Socks of the West’ and hope to be able to promote the socks at AFL games with the Western Bulldogs,” she said.


At the end of the six-month project, the student group will present the impact of the project to the Administrative Board. They hope to continue this after the conclusion of the program.


Hannah loved the experience so much that her twin sister Megan is now part of the 2018 Leadership Project.


The Western Bulldogs Leadership Project began in 2013, offering unique opportunities for young people to build confidence, make new friends and develop skills that will enable them to become future leaders in their community.


Messages to: Sarah Boswell, Damascus College