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The Institute Mercy Ethos office are offering resources reflection and prayer in daily life and ministry during the Year of Mercy.
Inspired by the life of Catherine McAuley, over the years we have come to name the facets of the call to love God and serve those who are poor as contemplation and action. Those who have tried to live it know this to be a difficult rhythm, an intricate dance between stillness, focus, absorption in God and the active, practical mediation of God’s love to those around us. Movement towards the integration of these two movements within us is the heartbeat of what it means to walk the path of Mercy. (Adapted from Shelia Carney RSM, Catherine McAuley – Integrated Spirituality)

The ‘Mercy-ing’ App

Many women and men working in Mercy ministry and indeed beyond, are interested in developing a daily practice for contemplation and action in their lives.  To support them a new app has been developed to assist with daily reflection and prayer on embodying Mercy.

The ‘Mercy-ing’ app assists users to reflect each morning and evening, to frame their day, and to be attentive to the events, interactions, relationships and circumstances of each day within the context of ‘being Mercy’.
Content for the app has been drawn from a wide selection of sources including scripture, contemporary theologians, activists and thinkers. The app also includes the daily repetition of a consistent mercy “mantra”, as well an inbuilt timer to assist with the reflective process.

The title of the app has a direct connection with Pope Francis, who when seeking to translate his motto from Latin to Spanish, coined the word misericordiando which in English translates to the word “Mercy-ing”.  By expressing Mercy as a verb, it captures the sense of movement inherent in the heart of Mercy, which includes hearing the cry of creation for mercy and responding.
The app is been funded by  the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea and has been developed by the Institute Mercy Ethos Office with the support of the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta, and Nga Whaea Atawhai o Aotearoa, Sisters of Mercy New Zealand.  Fraynework Multimedia provided all production and design work.

The App is now available.
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Resources to support ministry reflection, prayer and ritual during the Year of Mercy
The Mercy Ethos Office has a dedicated section on the website for resources to support ministries in developing their understanding, reflection, prayer and ritual during the Year of Mercy.  Materials are gathered under the key themes for the Jubilee Year: Doors of Mercy; Works of Mercy; Expressions of Mercy; Jubilee.  A range of resource material is provided for each focus area including background articles and teaching notes, prayers, reflections, rituals/activities and an extras section which provides links to other useful sites and material. Whilst some resources are available immediately, additional pieces will be added in the coming months.

Look for the button on the Mercy Ethos website homepage or visit

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