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Connecting to Mercy as an Attitude to Life

For almost 30 years groups of Mercy Associates have formed and met at dozens of locations around Australia. At present the Institute is working with the Associates to consider future options. Among the purpose of the Mercy Associates groups has been to gather women and men who appreciate the Mercy charism and seek to incorporate it into their own lives, whether lay people or vowed religious. But there are hundreds of women and men around Australia who have this desire yet have not had the chance to be part of a Mercy Associates group, or who might have been a member in earlier years but aren’t at present.

If you are a lay person interested in forming a connection to Mercy Associates or in some other way endeavouring to be connected with the Mercy charism, we invite you to participate in the consultation process now underway.

You might be working in a Mercy organisation, such as a school, hospital, community service agency, aged care or some other ministry that the Sisters once operated and perhaps still do. On the other hand you might have been educated by the Sisters of Mercy and want to keep connected.  

If this sounds like you, please contact Carmel Ross, at who is undertaking the consultation process on behalf of the Institute and the Mercy Associates Working Party. A Consultation Document has been prepared and we are seeking feedback on it, but the overall purpose of the consultation is to work out how to gather those interested in keeping a Mercy focus in their own lives, regardless of whether they’re an Associate at the moment or not. The consultation period will continue until June 15th and we look forward to hearing from you in these next few weeks. 

Sally Bradley RSM
(on behalf of the Institute Leadership Team for ISMAPNG)