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Committee Seeks Youth Alcohol and Drug Response

Justice for Youth Committee (Griffith NSW)


A committee which grew out of the Mercy International Reflection Process in Griffith NSW is seeking the establishment of a sub-acute residential facility for young people aged between 12 – 18 years, who have drug and alcohol issues.


The Justice for Youth Committee (Griffith NSW) has been meeting monthly since February 2016 and there is an open invitation for anyone in Griffith to be part of this group. Late last month, the group met to brainstorm what needs to be addressed in setting up such a facility.


It was thought at the November 2017 meeting that before the large group assembles again, on February 22, a small number of the group should work through brainstorming issues such as  – by what authority is the group able to set up such a project, under whose aspices, insurance, advertising – making potential clients aware of the facility, – a venue, whether the project starts as a day clinic first, what equipment and goods are needed to outfit the facility and the types of activities that will be offered.


The reconstruction of the Griffith Base Hospital is on the way. A meeting of the stakeholders led by the Chief Executive Officer of the Murrumbidgee Local Health District, Jill Ludford, is to be held on March 6, and the group has sent an invitation to the local State member of Parliament, Austin Evans MP to attend this meeting. It is hoped that one of the Justice for Youth members will have an opportunity to put to the meeting the need to include the sub-acute facility in the reconstruction plan and in the future include an acute facility.


The young people in the State and Catholic High Schools are also being given a say in the establishment of the sub-acute facility. There are postcards addressed to the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition and other relevant ministers requesting that such a facility become a reality. The students can sign the cards, if they agree with the concept and the postcards will then be posted in bundles throughout the next months.


A petition is in the process of being written and it will be distributed through agencies in Griffith and surrounding towns and areas.


Messages to: Theresa Foley RSM