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Collectibles in the Convent

Valuer, Alex Renwick (far right) is discussing the value and providence of a lovely family heirloom.


On Saturday April 6, Sacred Spaces Singleton hosted the first ‘Collectibles in the Convent’ – their own version of Antiques Road Show – and it was greatly enjoyed by all in attendance.


There were displays of collectibles, ranging from stamps to Lego and even some retired hospital equipment.


A valuer was engaged for the day and he met with people throughout the day to talk about their treasures they had brought along.


There were some pleasant surprises and some disappointments, but everyone agreed it was a fabulous day.


Over 170 people came out to participate in the day as well as listen to local music and enjoy great food.


Due to popular demand, a date for our next Collectibles in the Convent has been locked in – Sunday, April 5 2020.  There will be two valuers and even a stamp expert.  Save the date.


A Big thanks to Sr Pauline Murray, Sr Faith Jones, Sr Mary Kleinschafer, Sr Monica Sinclair and Sr Patricia Lake who helped make the day successful.


Messages to: Cynthia Mulholland, Sacred Spaces Singleton