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Climate Action Summit 2009

The Institute’s Specific Issues Committee, Eco-Justice encourages all those concerned about climate change and its implications to find out about Australia’s Climate Action Summit to be held in 2009.

Australia’s Climate Action Summit will occur in Canberra January 31 to February 3 prior to the re-sitting of Federal Parliament in February 2009.

At Australia’s Climate Action Summit, people from climate change groups will create and launch a cohesive and strategic national climate campaign, form a national grassroots network, and send a powerful message on the eve of the second year of the Rudd Government that sets the agenda for urgent climate action.

The Climate Action Summit organisers say: “We need you and your climate change group in Canberra to formulate a strong and strategic national campaign that will put climate change at the very top of the Rudd Government’s agenda. We need to make 2009 the year Australian people turned the tide of history; pushing government, industry, and the globe toward a safe and just climate future.” (Climate Action Summit)

The objectives of Australia’s Climate Action Summit are to:

  1. Form an ongoing co-ordinated national network of community climate action groups.
  2. Discuss, decide on, and strategically plan at least one nation-wide campaign for the national grassroots climate action network to carry out. Publicly launch the campaign and establish mechanisms for the campaign to grow after the February 2009 summit.
  3. Mobilise 5000 people in a high profile demonstration for real action on climate change, and support citizens in joining or forming climate action groups.
  4. Discuss and plan ways to link and collaborate with grassroots climate action groups around the globe, with a focus on the South Pacific.
  5. Establish climate change as the dominant public issue for the second year of the Rudd Labor Government and, and in the lead up to the December 2009 Kyoto meeting in Copenhagen, emphasise the urgent need for strong, equitable action.

From: Specific Issues Committee, Eco-Justice (Sisters Margaret Abbott, Mary Dennett, Kate McGrath and Patricia Powell). The Committee warmly invites your response to the article or the issue.
Contact: Carmel Heagerty RSM, Institute Justice Co-ordinator