Pilgrimage to Pilau Bidong

It is thirty years in April since the fall of Saigon. Most of us know the events that followed only too well. For the next almost twenty years, thousands of Vietnamese fled their country in fishing boats to search for the freedom and normal life that was no longer possible in their own land due to a cruel communist tyranny.

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Reconciling and embracing difference

Sixty-seven Sisters of Mercy from all states in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Pakistan met in their 5th Institute Chapter, gathering at St Joseph’s Centre at Baulkham Hills from 2-11 July 2004.

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Through a prism of Mercy

A recently published book, Through a Prism of Mercy, celebrates the centenary of the Coburg Convent of Mercy, October 1903 -October 2003. The first Coburg convent was once the Young Queen Hotel, built in the 1850’s and famous as a stopping place for diggers during the gold rush days. The building was bought by Monsignor O’Hea, who bequeathed it and the surrounding property to the Sisters of Mercy. The first convent was superseded by the second Coburg Convent opened in 1959, a fine yellow brick structure with 40 bedrooms. This building is now incorporated into Mercy Secondary College, Coburg. The third and present Coburg convent was opened in 1988.

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