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Camp Licola Welcomes Mercy Connect

Nancy achieving shooting an arrow in archery


Participants and staff from Mercy Connect Orange headed on their annual trip to Camp Licola on Friday 12 April for a week. Camp Licola is based in the small town of Licola in the South East of Victoria. The Lions Club owns the township, making it the only privately owned town in Australia. The camp is held annually for people with disability to get actively involved in the outdoors.


For Angela, Colin, David and Nancy, it’s one of their favorite parts of the year. They always look forward to attending the camp and every week of the year they ask the same question with excitement “How long to go until Camp Licola?” Team Leader Rebecca and DSW Simon accompanied the participants again this year. Each year, the pair looks forward to attending the camp and watching the participants achieve in the activities they undertake.


The camp provides an environment of fun and learning for all participants. It creates a spirit of teamwork and cooperation and challenges the participants and encourages them to exceed their expectations. With no phone or TV reception, it gives the chance for the participants to be more active outdoors. There is always something happening from the time they wake up at 7:00am until supper at 8:30pm at night.


Over the week, the participants participated in a range of activities that allowed them to learn and develop new skills. Canoeing, flying fox, abseiling and archery are just some of the many activities made available.


One of the stand outs of the camp was the talent show, where participants got the chance to get up in front of the audience and do whatever performance they wanted. Colin and a friend he made at the camp sang a song and Angela performed a dance.


Each year the participants look forward to participating in the activities and trying better to achieve their goals than the year before. This year, Colin got further on the high wire than he has before and Nancy, with some hand over hand assistance from DSW Simon, managed to shoot the arrow in archery. Both Colin and Nancy were very proud of their achievements.


It’s no surprise that the group is already looking forward to attending next year’s camp.


David in action


Colin participating in archery


Angela drawing her performance at the talent show


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