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Behind the Scenes

BEHIND THE SCENES – A Look at the Making of Stori Bilong, Laip Bilong Katrin McAuley

In 2013, the Mercy Ethos Office in conjunction with Fraynework Multimedia, developed a DVD resource titled The Life of Catherine McAuley. This has now been remade for use in Papua New Guinea.

It seemed appropriate that it was the morning of Foundation Day, December 12, 2014, that Theresia Tina RSM was adjusting her headphones and sound testing the microphone in a small recording studio on the Central Coast of NSW, as she prepared to tell the story of Catherine McAuley in her own language, Tok Pisin.  This moment in the studio, was the culmination of a collaborative effort by many, and a celebration of both the Life of Catherine McAuley and the rich diversity of the relatively newly founded Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG).

In 2013, the Mercy Ethos Office in conjunction with Fraynework Multimedia, developed a DVD resource titled The Life of Catherine McAuley. This resource, which tells the life story of Catherine McAuley, was created by Fraynework by adding images to an existing soundtrack recorded by Anne Reid (Mercy Associate) in Ireland.  While the resource had been extensively used and well received by groups across ISMAPNG, it was in sharing this resource with a group from Mercy Works, in Wewak, Papua New Guinea in 2014, that the potential was realised for developing this resource in a new way. Would it be possible to re-record the soundtrack of the DVD in Tok Pisin for use in Papua New Guinea so that locals could hear this inspirational story told in their own language?

Thanks to the generosity of a group of dedicated people committed to this project, this dream was soon to be realised. Ann O’Regan RSM set to work on the challenging task of translating the original script and titles from English to Tok Pisin. Helen Law RSM also offered support on aspects of translation process. Adam Toole, a professional sound engineer employed by the ABC on programs such as Landline and Gardening Australia, came on board agreeing to record and engineer the track in his home studios on the Central Coast of NSW. Most courageously, Theresia Tina RSM agreed to be the voice of the soundtrack, maintaining a dynamic professional energy as the soundtrack was recorded and mastered over three hours in more than forty segments. This method of recording in small segments was necessary so that the images from the original DVD could be correctly linked to the new translation by English speaking technicians. In completing the project, Fraynework Multimedia  brought the sound and images together, which due to the wonderfully expressive Tok Pisin language was now a twelve  minute DVD, five minutes longer than the original English version.

It is hoped that the DVD, available in the coming weeks from the Mercy Ethos Office now in two languages, continues to be the vehicle for inspiring people of Mercy through the story of the Life of Catherine McAuley and at the same time continues to challenge us to think about the way that in telling this story in our time, we are reminded of the richness of culture and language that is the gift of this diverse Institute brought together in the spirit of Mercy.
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