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Ballarat East and Adelaide chapters

Ballarat East and Adelaide congregations recently completed their chapters, held December 4-7 and 11-14, respectively. Congratulations to the newly elected leaders and their councillors!


  • Veronica Lawson RSM (Congregation Leader, re-elected)
  • Helen Forbes RSM (Vicar)
  • Kathleen McGrath RSM (Councillor)
  • Elizabeth Dowling RSM (Councillor)
  • Carmel Setford RSM (Councillor)

You might like to read an article “New focus for Sisters of Mercy” about the Ballarat East chapter, published in The Courier newspaper. Follow this link.


  • Helen Owens (Congregation Leader)
  • Janet Lowe RSM (Vicar)
  • Lyn Beck RSM (Councillor)
  • Margaret Adams RSM (Councillor)
  • Ilsa Neicinieks RSM (Councillor)

As well as holding their ordinary chapter, both congregations had an extraordinary chapter at which they took a formal vote on the following statement about reconfiguring:

Do you wish [name of congregation] to petition the Holy See for permission to become part of the new canonical entity for Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea?

An overwhelming majority of sisters in both congregations voted in favour of this motion.