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Australian sisters at international conference

Organised by the Mercy International Research Commission, a conference entitled “’Fire cast on the earth-kindling’: being Mercy in the twenty-first century”, will begin in Burlingame, California on November 9 and continue until November 12.

The conference will take the form of a theological reflection and is therefore small – only 26 participants from across the Mercy world plus some support persons.

Australian representatives include Sisters Patricia Fox (Adelaide), Jannette Gray (Adelaide), Sophie McGrath (Parramatta), Elizabeth Dowling (Ballarat East) and Elaine Wainwright (Brisbane), while Sister Adele Howard (Melbourne) and Sister Veronica Lawson (Ballarat East) will be attending as media specialist and facilitator, respectively.

Sisters of Mercy and their colleagues worldwide are encouraged to visit the website of the Conference to download the participants’ papers, and join in the conference prayer.

The names of the participants and the countries in which they currently minister are listed on the participants’ page of the website.

The Conference Prayer is as follows:

God of Mercy and Justice, we ask you, through the intercession of Catherine McAuley and all our founding Mercy pioneers throughout the world, to bless with your guidance and wisdom those involved in the forthcoming Mercy International Research Conference. We pray, with confidence in your abiding call to us, that this conference will be truly fruitful for the Mercy world and beyond. Amen.

Visit the Mercy International Research Conference here.