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ACRATH and its supporters continue to take action

Throughout the world people are trafficked for labour and sexual exploitation. But these injustices are also happening right here in Australia. Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking (ACRATH) and its supporters continue to highlight this situation and express their concern about this critical issue. Find out about current events.

ACRATH members head to Canberra November 21-26
Members of the group – Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking (ACRATH) – will continue the tradition of going to Canberra to meet with Members of Parliament and relevant staff members. At these meetings, ACRATH members will address some of the issues about which they have concerns. ACRATH will also meet with other organisations that have offices in Canberra and who have important roles in the work against trafficking in humans. Further information will be available after the meetings.

In July, readers were alerted to the Cycle Against the Traffik, a creative way to raise community awareness of the issue of human trafficking in Australia and beyond. Read the report of this venture.

To find out more about ACRATH, contact Carmel Heagerty RSM, Institute Justice Co-ordinator, Email: