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Night-sky-over-Warrumbungle-National-Park – Luke Tsharke

5 December 2016


Rahamim Ecology Centre is a ministry within the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG) located in Bathurst, NSW. The property includes Logan Brae, a heritage house with a beautiful chapel alongside it and landscaped gardens and heritage trees surrounding it. You will also find permaculture and kitchen gardens, a chicken forage system, all offering food prepared from our garden and local suppliers, an amazing environment and excellent learning facilities. All involved in this ministry offer this Christmas message.


At this time of year when fire is playing its aeons-old part in the renewal of the bush that adorns our wide brown land, we stop for a quiet moment with those we cherish to reflect on the year that has passed and our hopes for the future.


From Rahamim Ecology Centre in Bathurst, New South Wales, we wish you a peaceful and happy season of rest and thanksgiving, and share with you our delight in the promise of new life which is always before us, more brilliant and mysterious than the starry night sky.



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