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A meditation for Holy Week

For over ten years, Anne Drover RSM (North Sydney) corresponded with an African-American man on death row in the USA. That man has since been executed. The following lines are from the last Christmas card she received from him: “Yes my friend another Christmas is close here a little over a month now. And after 13 years and four months I am still fight these people keeping them from taking my life, by kill or murder me the child of our God. Bless by our God that I am yet still alive in his sweet Name Amen!”

This week, while reflecting on the Passion and the man on death row, Anne wrote the following poem, and offers it to readers as a meditation for Holy Week.


If ever there was Dead Man Walking
It is He.
Down Death’s dark corridor
Shackled weights of Guantanamo reverberate.

Hand to feet
Foot to tortured head
What matter which way?
Is water-boarding better?
Body-shocked electric bolt?

Democracy’s genial hands
Press lightly on the fatal trigger
Evil must be eliminated!
Terror will not prevail!
No truer Word.

Anne Drover RSM
March 23, 2010