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2019 Commissioning Ritual

Participating in the Ritual from Tighes Hill (Seated) L-R: Sr Val O’Hara and Sr Paula Redgrove. (Standing) L-R: Petra Gustard, Sr Bernadette Mills, Sr Judy Quirk, Sr Helen Baguley, Sr Gabrielle Bloomfield, Christine Convery (Mercy Associates Network Facilitator NSW), Sr Rhonda Bast, Sr Mary Geason, Michelle Thompson.

On Friday February 22,  the Institute held a commissioning ritual for sisters, staff, ministry personnel, associates and others. It was held at the McAuley Centre, Lewisham and was also livestreamed across Australia and abroad.


The ceremony included the official commissioning of Maureen Sexton RSM as an Institute Councillor.


Ministry Animation Coordinator, Anne McGuire, said the intent of the Commissioning Ritual was about all participants coming together to be mindful of God’s great mission of Mercy.


“The Commissioning Ritual honoured that each of us is steeped in a long tradition of mercy,” said Anne McGuire RSM. “It was a great way for sisters and partners in mercy to remind each other of why we do what we do, and to energise each other to continue to be active in God’s mission.”


Along with honouring those who are in mission together, the ritual sought to honour the story of Catherine McAuley as those who followed her came to Australia and Papua New Guinea.


“We wanted to honour the spirit of mission of the women of mercy who came to Australia and Papua New Guinea to carry that forward, so we dedicated part of the ritual to remembering them by calling them by name.”

A large number of people participated in the ceremony, both at the time of the livestream and at other times, gathering in groups across the Institute as well as from their individual homes and workplaces.


Click here to access the 2019 Commissioning Ritual Booklet


Watch the livestream replay by clicking on the play button below:

Participating from Canberra – John Keenan RSM, Angela Jordan RSM, Helen Boland, Maureen Gannon RSM, Jonathan Campton, Eileen Savage RSM and Frances Fitzpatrick RSM


Participating from Forbes – Elizabeth Young RSM and Jenny Rolls RSM.


Standing Left to Right: Gaye Lennon RSM, Elizabeth Moloney RSM, Maureen Sexton RSM, Eveline Crotty RSM, Anne McGuire RSM, Caroline Ryan RSM


Ailsa Mackinnon RSM anointing Sarah Massard (Executive Assistant Executive Leader Mission Integration)


Ailsa Mackinnon RSM anointing Anne Foale RSM


Sisters and Staff singing ‘A Fire of the Earth’


Pictured left to right: Anne McGuire RSM, Pam Barlow RSM, Eveline Crotty RSM and Maureen Sexton RSM.


Pictured L to R: Gaye Lennon RSM, Maureen Sexton RSM, and Eveline Crotty RSM.


Carmel Daley RSM and David Penny, Executive Leader Professional Services


Barbara Bolster RSM and Anne McGuire RSM


Anne Foale RSM and Maryanne Loughry RSM


Pictured L to R: Gaye Lennon RSM, Jan Holahan, Colleen Rhodes RSM and Audette Mansour RSM


Maureen Sexton RSM ans Maureen Shakeshaft RSM


Maureen Shakeshaft RSM and Margaret Shakeshaft RSM



Messages to: Anne McGuire RSM, Mission Animation Coordinator