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160th Foundation of Sisters of Mercy in Australia

Early on the 17th January, 2006,  just as the city of Perth was “waking up” to the sounds of traffic 20 Sisters of Mercy gathered to remember the Foundation of the first Convent in Australia . The “Convent of the Holy Cross” became a landmark in the City, as well as the beginning of ministries that have touched the length and breadth of the State and many off shore missions.  It was from here that the Sisters of Mercy spread to the East Coast.

The gathering on 17th January reflected the simple ritual of the early foundation  – conversation,  acknowledgement of the call to minister to the Indigenous People,  a simple thanksgiving prayer for the past, the present and the future and then a walk from this original site to the graves of the early Sisters.  Ursula was buried in Melbourne –  however this small group connected with the Melbourne foundation and indeed the Mercy World Family as they sang “Circle of Mercy” at this sacred place.

The present community at Victoria Square then treated the small group to an enjoyable breakfast.  During the laughter and story telling the theme of “gratitude”  to the founding sisters kept surfacing as well as the acknowledgement of the many women who have offered their lives “in Mercy” in this vast land.   We were sure that if Ursula was here today she probably say   “Who would have thought………..”

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