Joyous Mercy Day Celebrations Held Across the Institute

On Sunday September 24, Sisters and people of Mercy around the world celebrated Mercy Day. This year’s celebrations took on a special significance, with it being 190 years since the House of Mercy opened in Baggot St, Dublin.


With Mercy Day falling on a Sunday, it meant that in many parts of the Institute celebrations were held over the days leading up to Mercy Day, as well as the day itself, meaning it was a ‘rolling celebration’!


Celebrations ranged from prayer services, Eucharist, lunches and a good old-fashioned cup of tea! Through livestreaming of the Mercy Day Mass from the Chapel at the House of Mercy, we were also able to celebrate with our Sisters in Dublin. While diverse, all of the celebrations had a common theme – an admiration for the women and men who have gone before us, and a refocussing on how we can continue the important mission of bringing Mercy to our world.


Institute Keepcups

One of the areas in need of Mercy, is our common home and as part of furthering the Institute’s commitment to Sustainable Living, all Sisters and staff on Mercy Day received an ‘Institute Keepcup’. These cups are designed to be used when purchasing takeaway coffee. It is estimated that 500 billion disposable cups are discarded to landfill every year (or one million cups a minute). Pictured above is Marge Daly rsm with her Keepcup!

Celebrating 70th Jubilees in Singleton on Mercy Day

In Singleton, there were celebrations not only for the Feast Day of our Lady of Mercy, but also the 70th anniversary of Patricia Lake rsm and Moya Lantry rsm (pictured above) in taking their vows in the Singleton Sisters of Mercy Chapel.The Sisters were able to attend the local Parish mass in the Chapel, with fellow Sisters and family members and once again show their commitment to the Order of the Sisters of Mercy by renewing their vows. The mass was taken by both Fr George Mullappallil and Fr Peter Street in front of many members of the Singleton parish with the Sisters then being presented with good wishes, a resounding round of applause and bunches of flowers by Fr George and Fr Peter. To round off the morning, the Sisters joined in a cup of tea before moving on to a celebratory lunch.


Mercy Day Homily by Mary Wickham rsm
Mary Wickham  rsm was invited to present this year’s homily during the Mercy Day Eucharist for residents and staff at Mercy Place, Rice Village, Geelong, Victoria. Rice Village comprises a large aged care facility, providing low and high care and a memory support unit, as well as a large number of independent living units on the same site. A number of Sisters of Mercy are residents. The talk  has been modified slightly for publication.



We are pleased to present below photos capturing some of the celebrations:










Captions to come.






Loretta Maher rsm, Anne Hannigan rsm, Rosie Carroll rsm, Yvonne Channells rsm, Marg Bannon rsm and Cabrini Mainey rsm.










L –R: David Payne, Tina Grant, Louise Willis, Mary Geason rsm, Michelle Thompson, Mark Noonan Natalie Anderson and Peter Byrne














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